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Adolescence and Oral Care

Oral Hygiene and Teenagers

As with a lot of things, adolescents can become lackadaisical with oral hygiene. As children learn to be more independent as they enter their teen years, some things are inevitably neglected, including oral hygiene. This then correlates to a higher rate of periodontal disease and tooth decay in adolescents. However, children who learn and maintain consistent oral health habits up until the teen years are more likely to continue than those who were not taught good oral hygiene in the first place.

Advice for Teen Parents

Your teenager is at a greater risk of periodontal disease partially due to lack of care and increased intake of sugary/acidic food and drink. As a parent, serve as a dental role model.

An important first step is to establish good oral health habits at a young age. Schedule regular dental checkups for the family and be on the lookout for signs of periodontal disease. These include bleeding gums, red gums, swollen gums, receding gums and bad breath.

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