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Prevention and Cavity Care

Cavity Care at Shadow Creek Pediatric Dentistry

Cavity care and treatment will depend on your child’s age, severity of the decay and general health. For the majority of cases of tooth decay in children, cavity care will consist of removing the decay and replacing it with a filling.

Shadow Creek Pediatric Dentistry aims to make this process as easy as possible for your child. We provide weighted blankets, screens above the chairs, aroma therapy, minimal sedation and more to create a calming environment.

Cavity Prevention
at Shadow Creek Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Hammond and her staff will instruct you and your child on how to prevent cavities. We will also apply fluoride and/or sealants during exams to further prevent tooth decay and review brushing techniques and oral health care.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps slow tooth decay and prevent cavities. Regular fluoride application at routine dental exams can help maintain overall dental health. Silver diamine fluoride is also a helpful noninvasive treatment to use in some cases to slow down the decay process.


Tooth sealant is a filling material that essentially blocks off pits and grooves in the teeth to help make them easier to properly clean. The application of sealants is one of the most effective ways of preventing tooth decay in children and young adults.


A dental x-ray allows Dr. Hammond to see detailed images of your child's mouth to diagnose problems not visible during an exam. Radiation exposure is low from dental x-rays, especially with digital ones.

Preventative Dental Care at Shadow Creek Pediatric Dentistry

Routine dental exams are a fundamental component of ensuring overall dental health. These checkups typically begin whenever a child gets their first tooth and continue throughout the course of their life. Preventative pediatric dental visits help identify problems early on before they have a chance to develop.

Preventative Dental Services in Waukee

Dental Exam

Recommendations for Other Dental Services

Teeth Polishing

Removal of Stains & Deposits

Fluoride Application


Promotion of Good Dental Habits

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